Letter on Porcelain Medallion

  • One day workshop
  • This is an introduction to painting on porcelain. Come and experiment with a medium that has been around for centuries, yet not widely practiced at present. It will include a one-fire project which involves painting with powdered pigment and pen oil. Participants will create a monochromatic letter/versal on a porcelain medallion that may be used as a jewelry piece or for other decorative purposes. Bring your letter design ideas and try something new and challenging!

    Bpin Barbeeletter

    Letter on Porcelain Plate

  • Benefiting our Ways & Means
  • This workshop is designated to the design and execution of any single letter as the subject for a porcelain painting. Using the Instructor's letters, or a letter of the artist’s choice, the workshop will involve transferring the enlarged letter onto a porcelain plate. The importance of centering the letter and precision will be emphasized. Each participant will be provided with a plate and the single letter of their choice to fit plate. Letter design and transferring to plate, outlining with pen oil, application of three values and different border techniques will all be covered in this workshop. Using single letters is a great way to personalize your porcelain gifts!

    Bluea W plate D plate

    Radial Design Demonstration

  • One day demonstration/3 day workshop
  • This one day explanation and 3 day workshop of the radial design process will help all participants, no matter their level of artistic ability, to design an original, radial design of their own. Participants can use their original design to later paint on any porcelain surface using any porcelain techniques they desire. This class will include examples, an explanation of the process and guided help in creating the circular design on a piece of paper for participants to take home. This is ideal for artists who would like to do something original!

    Green radial

    Create a Radial Design

  • One day demonstration
  • Learn to create an original design that is circularly repetitive and radially balanced. Radial design has been present in porcelain pieces for centuries. In our one day presentation, we will create an eight piece repetitive design that is unique and to be used for painting on porcelain.

    X plate